Director’s notes

The film unmasks the evil system of the Romanian Communist dictatorship, through dramatic depictions. It reveals the wicked workings of the Romanian Communist political police: the Securitate.

With unprecedented disclosure, Communist crimes against humanity are exposed, including attacks against religious and ethnic minorities. Intolerance becomes the tool of treachery, terror, and torture.

However, the nobility of moral conviction triumphs over evil, when adherents of righteousness stand strong. The power of faith, inner spirit, and human sacrifice define the victims as: modern day martyrs.

The degree and extent of Securitate infiltration into private lives is shocking. Through top secret Securitate documents and testimonies, the truth is made public. The behind-the-scenes story, offers insight into the betrayal, collaboration, and infidelity of recruited Securitate agents and informants.

The film brings a genuine “spy novel” to life, unveiling clandestine Communist crimes. It is one of the most gruesome chapters in recent European history. It shines a light on heinous horrors.

Archive film footage and photographs showcase the plots and stratagems of secret agents. Eyewitness accounts by survivors, spy files, and surveillance techniques, portray a dark and despicable era.

The powerful visual images tell a tale of strictly controlled lives. The confessors and traitors are exposed. Their betrayals leave behind: vanished villages, closed churches, profligate prisons, in contrast to the idyllic Transylvanian landscape.

The fate of the late Áron Márton, Roman Catholic Bishop, is chronicled, offering deep insights into his character. Márton’s conviction and charismatic personality demonstrate a will to prevail, against all odds. The corruption of his inner circle highlights the extraordinary endeavors of spy infiltration.

With deep sympathy, the filmmakers honor the Transylvanian Hungarians, who lived through the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Their innocent executions and lengthy prison sentences testify to the vile and vengeful deception of Communism, which enslaved Romania for much of the 20th century.

The Nicolae Ceauşescu dictatorship tactics are featured in an expose, documenting the Securitate strategy against Professor of Theology, István Tőkés, and his son – pastor in Dés and Temesvár – László Tőkés. Despite spy plants, László Tőkés led the victory of the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

Writer-Director: Katalin Petényi
Director-Producer: Barna Kabay
Director of Photography: Sándor Csukás, HSC
Documentary, 102 minutes
Movietrend Ltd.